Whether your heart lies in the mysterious ocean blue, the sturdy yet changing earth or the stormy skies, The Mermaid Academy is a place where all wandering souls will be accepted.

You have stumbled upon a place of beauty, and magic, and you see that there are plentiful numbers of others here, Just. Like. You.

Welcome to the Mermaid Academy. Now, this academy isn't as much of an academy as it is a home. A home to wandering souls, to those searching for a home, and a family. You will meet many species of many different backgrounds. Mermaids, vampires, wolves, angels, demons, witches, fae, and even Elven. Because we accept everyone. We accept all shifters. All species. Here, you will learn our ways. You will learn how to become a mermaid, or whatever you are meant to be, using what's called shifting. Know that if this is not meant for you, that it will not happen. Because you're simply not meant to be. But if you are destined to return to sea, I will meet you there. Or destined to soar through the blue skies, or run through the dense forests. You are never alone. You will always have a family somewhere. And until you find them, we are your family. Here to help and guide you on your path. This site is a place to learn, develop, and make friends.

We welcome you with open arms.

Please read ALL of the rules before joining. Please and Thank you.

If you have any issues, or site suggestions, or are being harassed or bullied by another member, please message:

Misty Nagamaris

Luna Nagamaris


On the search for 3 legendary mermaids. They are believed to look as such: One is a black/African female, one is white, and the other one is believed to be Indian or Asian. They are born to be great, and their sisters miss them very much. Their magick, their gifts, everything may be locked away, but can be unlocked with help. They are a part of the world's oceans, protecting it, guarding her secrets and leading the way.

Omnia familia est.

Contact: Luna Nagamaris, Misty Nagamaris, and Seawitched


1) You MUST be 13+ and very mature. If you meet the age requirement, but are immature, I will ask you to leave.

2) Anyone following a monotheistic religion, please don't join. Mermaids are Pagan. (Natural Mermaids) If you are not Pagan, and you are Christian, Catholic, etc. then becoming a mermaid will be going against your own religion. If you are fine with that, then go ahead.

3) No bashing on anyone for their beliefs, gender, species, or sexuality. And there will be no accusing someone of what they did publicly. If you have a problem with someone, message me, or the person you actually have a problem with, and sort it out like mature beings.

4) Luna is a real mermaid on here. She knows more than most everyone on this entire website. If you state something as a fact on here, be prepared for Luna and/or Misty (me) to challenge it. If you're right, you're right. If you're wrong, don't be offended that we correct you

5) There will be no excuse for taking advantage or bashing on members, and this will most likely result in an immediate ban.

6) This WILL be a drama free site. No bullying will be tolerated at all.

7) Lying will not be tolerated, in any shape or form.

8) This site accepts any species, not only mermaids. Fae, Witches, Therians, Elven, etc.

9) Most of us are magick users, but if you see that someone is using dark magick, or light magick, don't harass them about being good or bad.

10) Don't forget to have fun! You will meet so many people! And learn so many things!

11) Remember, that this is not a game. This is all real.

12) Do NOT advertise your pod websites or websites without getting permission from Luna, Seawitched or I first. If you do post it without permission, we WILL delete it as soon as we can.

13) DO listen to the Moderators and Admins (And site owner of course)

by Tina over a year ago
by Tina over a year ago

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